Campaign For Better Transport

There is an ongoing campaign for better transport going on in the UK for nearly 40 years now. For that long, thousands of concerned and inspiring people have been connected with this campaign that aims to improve the transport system of the country by providing better rail, road, cycling etc network. This campaign is also interested in safeguarding the environment and so it’s plans factors that as well.

This organisation works to provide well developed transportation solutions that will solve various problems and improve productivity. It also pressurizes the governments to adopt the good solutions in improving the connectivity. There has been so many successes in the last few decades, almost to a point that the government has nearly changed it’s entire transport policy and changed from just about building bigger roads to taking into account the social and environmental challenges. is website built by a group of local Cambridge residents residing in the UK of course. This group has been helping the governments in creating good transport policies since many decades. From lobbying to campaigning and garnering public support, this group has done it all to make lives of people better and interesting. The group focuses on making sure that good transport projects happen that benefits all the people of England and all the bad ones are stopped immediately.

This group mainly deals with the bus and rail transports that believes in increasing mass transportation and reducing the congestion caused by the cars. It is firmly a belief of this group that mass transit is a much cheaper and a better way of transportation than one individual per car that not only jams the roads but also make the buses move slow in traffic thus increasing the over all travel times.

All this fight is for a real purpose and a reason. Just see how high the fares are in the UK. Public transport is becoming a problem for people due to high fares and people are no longer able to afford to use trains to get to work. This government still calculates the price hikes based on retail price index which is flawed and Consumer price index must be used to correct this. There are many such small things that needs to be corrected in order for this problem to go away.

One more problem is that full time workers enjoy some savings while traveling by public transport but part time workers are not allowed to take this benefit and many part time workers are women. Why should the government not be fair to them? The group fights for them and for common people for the improvement in their daily life and savings.

Lastly, we should talk about the guided Bus way of Cambridge which is the best feature of this place. Check out below: